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Production Technology and main features of Thai Guava

Thai Guava 5 and 7, which is now being cultivated in Bangladesh from Thailand. Higher yields and higher prices for the fruit of the guava growers in the country already has a huge response. Rajshahi, Natore, Bogra and Ishwardi Thai guava fruit growers earned by cultivating guava for their financial solvency. Among the Thai guava varieties of the noble breed is Thai guava -7.

Size of Thai Guava 7 is round, yellowish green color, and fruit weight an average of 400 to 700 grams/fruit. The tree height is 5 to 10 meters. It takes 90 days from bloom to harvest. This is a year-round variety and it is a big feature found of this variety. Low and soft seeds presents here. The city of Dhaka is currently being sold varieties of Guava at 120 to 150 taka per kg.

Cultivation method of guava: May to September months is suitable time to plant guava. Sandy loam soils with good drainage system is best for guava cultivation. The guava seeds or small pen should be used for breeding. The four-by-four or a three-by-three-meters guava varieties can be planted. A few weeks before planting to 50 cm in length, 50 cm wide and 50 cm wide, to be dug out. Each pit with soil before planting 0 to 30 days 40 to 50 kg of fresh dung manure, 150 grams of 150 grams of TSP and MOP fertilizer should be mixed. Then fill the hole with soil mixed with compost planting hole should be in the middle. The soil around the planting hole should be tied high, so that the water does not accumulate at the base of the plant. Do not tilt the tree so that the air passing should be tied with a bamboo pole. If you want wine to be irrigated. Guava tree more than yield to below five years of a tree, in a year of fresh dung, 0 to 5 kg of urea, 300 to 400 grams, TSP 300 to 400 grams, and MOP 300 to 400 grams and five-year-old on the tree every year, fresh dung, from 5 to 30 kg , 500 to 700 grams of urea, TSP 450 to 550 grams, MOP 450 to 550 grams of fertilizer to use. Equal to the amount of fertilizer given year divided in two installments in February-March and August-September, should be applied. After applying the fertilizer to irrigation, if necessary.

Clorosis leaf veins can be seen in a lot of time in the absence of zinc. The 80 liters of water mixed with 400 g of zinc and 400 g of lime trees should be sprayed. After collecting broken guava, Diseased and dead branches should be pruned. The guava tree yields a large number of fruit every year. It contains all of the fruit of the tree is not possible. Therefore, when the dense compacted marble-shaped fruit to be cut. Taking care of an adult tree well during the summer and autumn 50 to 60 to 70 kg from 60 kg yield. The immense potential of guava experimentally up to Rs 3 lakh acres of land with the exception of the cost of farming has been received. For this reason, the Ministry of Agriculture comprehensive quality production projects in Thailand last year, 3 million seedlings of guava production. Each seedling is sold at Rs 10. Integrated quality horticulture project director, said, for the first time, improved varieties of guava from Thailand were brought to Bangladesh in 2002. Then, from 2004 to 2006 varieties of some of the countries are examined. The latest Thai guava -7 excellence is found in variety. Horticulture Experts said, if there is adult guava tree in 1 bigha, then more then two thousand kilograms of guava are produced.

Thai guava seedling availability: Thai guava seedling are available in The Government Horticulture Center of the Department of Agricultural Extension which is located in different district of the country, various private nurseries like BRAC nursery.

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