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How to Grow Carrots Easily – Growing Carrots from Seeds

Modern agriculture technology makes carrot growing easy for beginners. I will guide you to the easiest method of growing carrots in your land/garden.

Carrot farming is profitable in any region. Growing those are the most popular vegetable gardening.

Because this vegetable cultivating is resistant to pests and diseases and also a demandable vegetable which can even endure in frosty weather.

How to start growing carrot in your garden:

Now, if you are about to start growing carrots in your garden. I suggest you follow this steps that many successful vegetable farmers practices.

Follow This Easy Steps:

Prepare the soil,

Choose a variety [Depending on soil and temperature and Season.]

Collecting Seeds,


Growing Care, Fertilization, Weeding and controlling pests and diseases,

Harvesting & Storing.

Note: I tried to clarify everything above in this article.

Now, As we know, every farming method requires some basic knowledge and tips in order to plan appropriately. This knowledge’s measures the great accuracy of a modern carrot farm. Applying some tricks can manipulate the overall outcome significantly.

This vegetables are well-known across the globe because of its great demand on varieties of recipes and growing compatibility in troublesome conditions.

On the first section,

We have addressed the factors as the peculiar environment and knowledge for greater productivity as well as provide the everything you need to know about cultivating.

Required temperature and weather for growing:

Temperature and Weather plays a vital role in the production of this cultivation. There are various kinds of carrots which can grow in the different condition all around the world.

They grow rapidly at the temperature of 15 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. But for growing carrots at least 10 degree Celsius is recommended.

On the other hand, it helps the germination process of the new plants. Most of the varieties of them, needs a sunny site and well-sheltered position for its growth cause lower temperature produces yellower carrots and also reduces its size and shape.

The Best Soil Condition for a Carrot Garden:

Actually, this crop is known as fussy growers. Soils are the important factor that plays a vital role in the organic productivity of carrots.

Rich sandy peaty soils and loose loamy soils are perfect conditions for sowing carrots. These kinds of soils also provide stronger roots to them. But any kinds of the soil have demerits too.

The thick clay soils and soils which are compacted with stone reduces(Hardy) can also grow them. This types of soil encourage sappy growth and forking of roots.

The pH value of soil should be at least 6.5 to 7.5. And it should be always remembered that the soils should be diseases and crack-resistant.

Choosing the appropriate carrot kind depending on soil:

There are varieties, kinds, and types of carrots but in a common way, there are only Seven categories. Among them, some of them are small, tall, short, and also ball-shaped etc.

Which varieties will grow in your home?

This is the most important thing yet most ignored topics.

It depends on soil type ( Different species has different size and roots types.) which may or may not grow in apparently hard or cold or loose soil. And season (How long the season is).

There are some species which may grow faster and some require a long time to mature. Needless to say, long-term carrots are the tastiest biggest ones.

I am a beginner, besides I don’t understand soil behavior, Where to get help?

When I was a beginner, I used to communicate with successful farmers, Here I will suggest you do so. In addition, there are a lot of social groups, especially organic farmers groups on Facebook, they are very helpful. Though there is a problem that, Often people fail and they think what they can’t achieve is impossible.

The second way to get help, Is contact with government agricultural points in the developed country and Indian subcontinent people can get help from agricultural NGOs.

Do I have to consider carrots color when choosing varieties?

The answer can be yes or no. Actually, I am more of a farmer than anything else. I think red and yellow ones are most common and also popular. People know them – how they test.

In case, if you are thinking to grow wired colored species i.e. White, Green, Purple. I will say if it has demanded its ok.

Now, Adam Travis actually writes a complete guide on choosing the best one for your garden from thousand of species. And I will encourage you to read that. Best Carrot Varieties For Different Soil, Season And Weather.

Carrot Varieties: Depending on Soil Types

We will get into that But it should be acknowledged to all that what kind you are producing must suit the soil. Let me explain that in an example.

A great example of soil dependency of this vegetable farming: Chantenay and Danvers varieties of carrots can handle dull or shallow earth, and species like slender Nantes and Imperator carrotsgrow considerably in deep loose loam. And crack-resistant soil should be used for the cultivation of these corps.

Now, Let’s find our different varieties and in which type of soil they will grow plus the season for planting seeds or seedlings.

Perfect Season to start planting carrot seed:

It grows in both summer and spring season when it fairly rains or snowfall. Basically, it is well known as a spring vegetable. Though it can grow in cooler temperature, but plant 4 to 5 weeks before the end of spring frost. It ensures healthy production.

Early Kinds:

 Planting in late Spring, harvested at Winter. Popular tribes are “Amsterdam” and “Nantes”.

Main Crop:

Sow in late Autumn, harvesting starts Spring. Chantenay and a”Rondo”, are preferable. Tips: make sure soil is fertile and loose.

Late Main Kinds:

Seeding process starts in early Winter and collecting crop starts at early summer.  “Autumn King”, Berlicum”  are the best verities here.

Tips: start your sowing as early spring as possible.

Carrot Seed Sowing Methods:

Planting is one of the most critical stages of comprehensive grow carrots.

At first, the cultivating area should be double-dug (Before planting the area should be double-dug.) and the raised-bed has to be built.

In addition, for heavy soil apply plenty of compost.

Seed sowing should be started before the last expected frost.

After that planting should be 2 or 3 weeks after that. Most of the corps takes 70-80 days to be mature.

Seeds also play a vital role in the production. Broadcasting tiny seeds helps easier weeding. Planting the right amount of seeds also helps the productivity.

Pinch of six seeds should be planted in an inch which takes 1 to 3 weeks to sprout.

carrot field

To identify the planted row quick-growing radish seeds can be planted with the main seeds.

Note: The plantation should be in an open area cause factor like air and temperature keep the planted seeds in a good shape.

In a research, it is found that humidity spoils most of the corps so the ventilation process of seed sowing has to be accurate. Also, the factors make the roots of the plant strong as for result the plant can provide water from the soil itself. Better seed can be taken from national agriculture services and successful farmers.

Growing Carrot With Other Crops:

Growing carrots with other crops can be a wise decision for you.  It not only create profit but also helps to maintain the outcome secure. Regardless of your local demand, you can cultivate cabbage, onion, tomato etc along with it.

The fun part is the harvesting time, which is different for different crops so that you can have slight advantages over other farmers.

Care for Healthy and First Growing :

  • The soil is the main base of any plantation.
  • For the survival of the carrots, soils are to mostly take care of Fertileand equitable soil farming.
  • Because it has a great impact on the shape, size, color, and taste.
  • There are various kinds of soil in different lands to grow carrots.
  • The best way to take care of the plant is to use the right amount and expanding fertilizers and insecticides.
  • The common phenomenon that is seen during growing roots is the problem of the roots.
  • The fertilizer reduces this problem and they can grow healthy. It also equalizes the factors and elementary which is necessary for the premature and well growth.

It should be noted that all sorts of composts can be used in the farming process. All plants are to be watered daily to eradicate waterlessness. Because dehydrated plants lose their moisture which a hazard in the process of nurturing plants.

Irrigation [Watering procedures]:

During the dry seasons, perform the irrigation process daily to maintain PH and make soil easy to grow the roots.

Cause a massive amount of heat dries out the soil and fails to generate the necessary vitamins, minerals, and potassium for the plant.

In rainy season particular concern should be put in the planting course of action. In rainy seasons the sky always remains dull and rainy it creates humidity which harmful for the enlargement structure to grow those vegetables . And also clay departs the plantation row which causes enormous chaos.

In wet season water seem to stay up in the trivial spots moreover by staying there for a long time it creates scars on the surface part of plants which can damage or cause diseases to the plant.

Note: Proper watering can grow the healthy crop.

Common Diseases & Protection:

There are deadly diseases that can affect your carrot garden. But with some easy techniques, it can be annihilated.

[bctt tweet=”#growingCarrots Most of the diseases that carrots are affected is caused by fungus.” username=”farmingmethod”]

For example, foliar diseases are caused by the photosynthetic method, root diseases are caused by the soil-dwelling organism.

These diseases are very dangerous cause they are really contagious which can scatter from one farm to another. But these symptoms can be undoubtedly identified.

Leaf spots:

An ailing plant will have leaf spots, delicate and decaying roots, plants will typically exhibit white, brown streaks on the leaves etc. Every prevention has a cure so in order to, protect plants you need to check you’re garden every day.


If there is any sign of infection you need to split the hostile and salutary, make sure the garden is weed free. Entirety ranch shouldn’t be used more than 3 years for horticulture. Soil testing is also necessary for nurturing cause the soil that contains excessive nitrogen can’t provide well corps.

Diseases caused by Fungi:

The rootstocks can resemble brownish and water-soaked instead of white.


Accomplished by managing a two-year rotation with nonsusceptible plants, such as sweet corn, to limit the build-up of pathogenic bions in the clay.

Common Pests: 

The common pests that can affect your garden are: Carrot fly, snails etc.

Harvesting Tips:


Harvesting is the final means of any crops, vegetable, or fruits. This method should be adopted when they’re matured. Early carrots are usually ready to harvest 40-50 days of planting but the main crop verities need a longer period than that which is 75 days.

Most of the carrots are ready to harvest when the shoulders are 1/2 to 3/4 diameters. But according to distinction, the growth can also depend on different modifications furthermore this method is really distinct from others.

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