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Vietnamese high yielding dwarf hybrid coconut cultivation method.

Coconut is one of the main money-making crops of Bangladesh. It’s a kind of trees whose every part can be used in our daily life. Among the kinds of coconut that are practicing in our country are in long in size, productions are less, getting 50 to 60 fruits a year and to get the fruits, it takes 7-8 years. So, to get the production faster, a kind of coconut named DJ Full Dwarf (Short) is giving emphasis. The tree will be 2 to 2 and a half feet in 3 years. If it’s got proper nursing, flowers may come to start after 2.5 to 3 years. Also, flowers will come to trees 3 to 4 times a years. The production rate is three times higher in the comparison of our country. One can get 200-250 coconut a year if the tree gets proper care. The tree may survive for 20-25 years!

In the small-scale hybrid green coconut of Vietnam, the quantity of water is higher than our country’s origin. Almost all kinds of soil are suitable for the plantation of this kind of coconut. This kind can tolerate salinity. Being the trees dwarf (short), it’s easier to take care of them. Already including Barishal, Barguna, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Bagerhat, Khulna, Dinajpur, Kushtia, Meherpur of Bangladesh have started planting this variety.

Varieties: There are two short varieties coming from Vietnam and they are:-

  1. Siam green coconut: This is very well-known as a green coconut. The color of it is slightly green, small in size, and weighs 1.2 to 1.5 kgs. 200 ml to 250 ml of water can be gotten from this kind of coconut. In a year, 150 to 200 fruits can be gotten.
  2. Siam Blue Coconut: This is also a famous variety. It was invented in 2005. In Vietnam, this is very famous to the peasant. Its color is yellow, weighs 1.2 to 1.5 kgs, the quantity of water is 250 ml to 300 ml. Being the water very sweet and shelf life is much that these varieties can be export to foreign countries. In a year, 150 to 200 fruits can be gotten.

Production Technology:


Frozen soil from fennel to sandy soil but almost all kinds of soil can be used to grow this variety. If the crawfish is sculpted and hard soil, the tree must be planted with 1.5-meter width, 1.5-meter deep hole with the mixture of organic fertilizer so that the tree grows faster!

Time to plant: June-September

Planting distance:

According to 6 x 6 meter, 278 seedlings will be needed for a hectare. Plants can also be planted at a distance of 7 meters in the garden form.

Making holes and applying fertilizers:

Need to make 1m x 1 m x 1m sized holes. Leaving the holes under sun for 4-5 days, rotten dung or rubbish rotten fertilizer 40 to 50 kgs, vermi compost 2 kgs, bone meal 1 kg , nimar khaila 500 g, TSP 300 g, MOP 350 g, Zinc Sulphate 100 g, boron or boric acid 200 g, furadan or carbofuran 50 g, and carbendazim group fungicide 10 g needs to be applied. To safeguard the plant from the insects, 50 g of furadan will be applied to each and every holes. After the mixture, the plants should be planted after 12-15 days and the holes need to be filled. After filling the holes, some water will be poured so that all the fertilizers and elements mix properly.

Planting of coconut seedling:

The coconut tree in the holes will be set up such a way so that the starting portion of the coconut shell is on top of the soil. During the plantation of the tree, the lower part of soil must be pressured slightly so the plant stands straight.

Management of disease and insect repression:

Bud rot: In the earlier stage of the diseases, from the group of Propyenb and Mankozeb 4-5 g of pesticides “secure”/liter of water needs to spray 2-3 times at the beginning of the buds after 21 days each.

Fruit rotten disease:

Mankozeb group pesticide 2 g/liter water will be mixed and sprayed to the plants.

Leaf blight: Moderate application of fertilizers, irrigation & drainage in time lessen the probability of this disease. If the attack is high, the propiconal group pesticides will be sprayed 3 times after 15 days.

Rhinoceros Beetle: In the way of the hole of the attacked plant, with the assistance of iron shik, the insect can easily be removed or died. If organo-phosphorus is inserted with injection, the insect will die then.

Seedlings obtained: In Bangladesh, there is a 73 horticulture center under the department of agricultural extensions. In these horticulture center, Vietnamese high yielding dwarf hybrid coconut plants are available.

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