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Long Coriander (Eryngium foetidum L.) and its health benefits

Long Coriander is a tropical perennial and annual in the family Apiaceae. Its scientific name Eryngium foetidum. Eryngium foetidum has

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Soursop Fruit Production Technology and it’s Health Benefits

Soursop fruit (Annona muricata), also called guanabana, Gaviola, or Brazilian pawpaw, tree of the custard apple family (Annonaceae), grown for

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True Potato seed (TPS) production technique and it’s advantages

True Potato seed (TPS) is the actual botanical seed produced by the sexual reproduction and is formed inside the fruits/berries,

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Sweet lemon (Citrus limetta) Production Technology

Sweet lemon is a medium-sized with an overall rounded shape and a slightly flattened bottom. Its relatively smooth skin is

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Mushroom Production Technology and its cultivation process

History of Mushroom in Bangladesh: Mushroom is a very nutritious, delicious and fully ‘halal’ vegetable having medicinal qualities. Mushroom cultivation

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